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Green light Therapy

Erchonia’s green laser was proven and FDA Market Cleared in 3 separate double-blind clinical trials with no known side-effects and produces 23% more energy than our red lasers, making Emerald the safest and most effective way to treat fat

Fat Removal Using Laser

Blue Springs Green Light Laser fat removal

What is Green Light Therapy?

Erchonia’s Emerald laser is an FDA Market-Cleared full body fat loss treatment that allows clients to target areas of stubborn fat. Emerald Laser treats overall body circumference and is the only device FDA cleared to treat those with a BMI of over 30. Applied externally, the laser targets excess fat by emulsifying fatty tissue through the use of cold laser technology developed by Erchonia.

It provides an alternative fat loss treatment without the adverse side effects associated with surgical and other weight loss procedures like liposuction and body wraps


Most clients who undergo the Emerald™ process focus on their waist, thighs and hips, but it can also be used on other problem areas such as the arms, ankles, chest and back due to its clearance to treat the overall body. The treatment is straight forward with no known side effects. Your Emerald™ provider will have you lie on a table for approx. 30 minutes, while 10 lasers are applied to the target areas of fat simultaneously. by undergoing this treatment as few as 12 times you can see dramatic fat loss results.

Fat Loss


No down-time


Quick and effective



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