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Gen 3 Primary Care of KC

Why Direct Primary Care?

We recognized a pressing need for higher-quality primary care. Many individuals struggle to secure timely appointments with their primary care providers, often facing wait times of six months to a year. Even when they do manage to schedule a visit, their time with the practitioner feels rushed, and their concerns may be overlooked, undervalued or deemed “normal.” Sensing an opportunity for change, we created a program aimed at granting individuals greater control over their health. Our approach emphasizes longer appointment times, same-day and next-day visit availability, prompt communication with your provider, and care that dives into the underlying causes of your health challenges so you can be on your way to a life of quality.


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Explore our unique approach to handling your healthcare needs

Are you ready to reclaim authority over your health without navigating through endless obstacles? From addressing acute illnesses to managing chronic conditions, we cover it all! At Gen 3, we prioritize your concerns about your overall health and wellness and we want to help you thrive!

Understanding YOU: Our providers give you the chance to voice your concerns and explain how you arrived at your current destination while also creating a plan that will benefit you long-term. This is very much a group project.

Comprehensive Testing: While seeing your practitioner, she will talk with you in-depth about possible labs she believes will benefit you. Yes, it’s important to have your basic labs checked, but it is not always cookie cutter. Therefore, she may recommend other tests to dig deeper into the root cause of your concerns.

Early Detection & Prevention: Our practitioners work diligently with you to identify root cause analysis BEFORE the illness, disease process or diagnosis even begins.

Patient Empowerment: You’re not going to walk out our doors feeling like you got nowhere with your provider. After your visit, we want you to feel like you have accomplished something or are taking steps in the right direction to living the life you desire.

the benefits

Primary Care Members also receive 20% off other services

(some exclusions apply)

Longer Appointments

We have created appointment slots that are longer than what you would normally get at an average primary care office. Why? Because your health matters and you deserve to discuss your needs without being rushed.

membership options

We have affordable membership options to cater to the needs of you and your family. Individual, pediatric, and family plans are available as well as unlimited visits to see your practitioner with no additional cost.

Urgent care visits

We offer visits for those unexpected needs that can’t wait. Sudden illness, abdominal pain, UTI, infections, abnormal vital signs and more can come on quickly. We are here to ensure you are seen quickly when those things do happen.

joint injections

Joint pain can be debilitating. We provide regenerative injections to decrease pain and inflammation and increase tissue regrowth. The best part? We do this by using your own plasma.

pediatric care

A child’s needs can be complex at times, and they should have a practitioner you and your child can trust. Our practitioners provide exceptional pediatric care. Unlimited and same-day visits are available.

priority scheduling

No more waiting or visiting the ER for something that could have been taken care of day-of. Our schedule allows for same-day or next day appointments when necessary as well as virtual access to your provider.

general wellness

We provide general wellness care all year round. Yearly visits, procedures, physicals, exams, blood draws, acute and chronic disease management, medication management and more are all included.

root cause analysis

Medication doesn’t always have to be the answer. Functional medicine involves holistic alternatives that can assist you in optimal functioning by identifying and addressing the root cause of what may your concerns are.

Membership Pricing

Choose between paying monthly or paying upfront for the entire year!











Feel rejuvenated, hydrated and energized in just a matter of minutes. Discover our wide-ranging selection of infusions designed to accelerate your journey to recovery!

Pain & Migraine

This drip includes anti-nausea, pain management and anti-inflammatory properties as well as many vitamins to alleviate pain and migraines.

Metabolism Booster

Included in this drip is everything you need to help burn fat by decreasing insulin sensitivity and increasing metabolism.

Immune Booster

This best selling drip includes all essential vitamins to prevent and kick illness quick and have you back on your feet in no time!

Fatigue Fighter

The go-to for fatigue, muscle and joint pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression, and mental clarity.



The go-to for enhanced energy levels and stimulation of the production of red blood cells.

Vitamin D-3

Maintains energy levels, supporting the immune system, aiding in nutrient absorption, regulating mood, and preventing various illnesses.


Can be utilized to increase metabolism, cellular activity, and promote fat loss.


Our top choice for combating fatigue, managing acute or chronic pain, improving mental clarity, and promoting anti-aging benefits.

Direct Primary Care is an alternative method of primary care that allows your provider to have longer appointment times and provide quality care that you can’t get when insurance is involved. This model also gives you the ability to dig deeper into the root cause of issues you may face, see and speak to your provider often, and gain deeper knowledge of your health.

You can access all your records through your Jane App in the documents section. If you are having a hard time accessing Jane you can give us and call and we can send an email so you can login into the system. Just give us a call during regular business hours.

Yes! You may call or text your provider at any time. If your specific provider is out of the office, on vacation, or not able to answer for whatever reason, we have other providers who can speak to you at any time to address your needs!

You can keep any insurance you already have if you wish. We recommend at minimum a major medical plan with a high deductible and health savings account to help should hospitalization or referral to a specialist be necessary.

Other patients choose to work with cost sharing programs like Sedera, Samaritan Ministries, Liberty HealthShare, or others.

However, we understand that many hard-working people simply cannot afford insurance. We are proud to provide excellent, affordable primary care to patients who otherwise cannot afford access to healthcare.

Yes. You will need to sign a waiver that states neither you nor your physician will directly bill Medicare for our services.

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