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Three sisters who stepped out of the traditional model of medicine to pursue overall health and wellness

Hold on….We’re not done yet. With over 30 years of collective nursing experience, we understand the frustration of feeling unheard, dismissed and degraded when it comes to your health.

Our hope is to help you discover what a fulfilled life looks like to you in regards to your health. We affirm, assist and provide you with a better approach. And we’re here to show you.

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replenish with iv hydration services

Experience rapid rejuvenation, hydration, and revitalization within minutes. Explore our diverse array of infusions crafted to fast-track your path to recovery!




The go-to for enhanced energy levels and stimulation of the production of red blood cells.

Vitamin D-3

A great injection for maintaining energy levels, supporting the immune system, aiding in nutrient absorption, regulating mood, and preventing various illnesses.


Can be utilized to increase metabolism, cellular activity, and promote fat loss.


Our top choice for combating fatigue, managing acute or chronic pain, improving mental clarity, and promoting anti-aging benefits.


Feel rejuvenated, hydrated and energized in just a matter of minutes. Discover our wide-ranging selection of infusions designed to accelerate your journey to recovery!

Fatigue Fighter

The go-to for fatigue, muscle and joint pain, inflammation, anxiety and depression, and mental clarity.

Immune Booster

This best selling drip includes all essential vitamins to prevent and kick illness quick and have you back on your feet in no time!

Metabolism Booster

Included in this drip is everything you need to help burn fat by decreasing insulin sensitivity and increasing metabolism.

Pain & Migraine

This drip includes anti-nausea, pain management and anti-inflammatory properties as well as many vitamins to alleviate pain and migraines.

Direct Primary Care

No insurance? No problem! Or maybe despite having insurance, the wait to see your provider is so long that you can’t get what you need. And when you do see your provider, it’s a 5-minute “hey, hi, how are ya? Yep that’s normal” kind of visit. 

At Gen 3, we do things differently. With 24/7 access to a provider, same-day visits, root cause analysis, and catering to your individualized needs, you will walk out our doors feeling many steps ahead instead of a lot of steps backward. 

24/7 Access

We offer a channel for you to communicate with one of our providers promptly and when needed, ensuring you receive guidance on your next steps.

Priority Visits

No more waiting or visiting the ER for something that can be taken care of day-of! Our schedule allows for same-day or next day appointments when necessary.

Transparent Pricing

No surprise bills or hidden costs. You will always be in the know about pricing options ahead of time.

Comprehesive Testing

Experience comprehensive and preventative care tailored to your individualized needs with root cause analysis and in-depth testing.

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How many times have you heard “your labs are within normal range” despite feeling not normal. That’s why we created the Autoimmune program. This year-long program features multiple consultations with a specialized Nurse Practitioner in autoimmune conditions, inclusive of thorough testing and personalized care plans and resources. We take a deep dive into the triggers that can cause the immune system to flare. By identifying and treating these triggers, we can get you back to feeling your best while teaching you how to avoid recurrent flares.

Conditions we treat

Medical Weight Loss

We understand the challenges associated with weight struggles. The feeling of striving intensely, yet still facing obstacles in shedding weight can feel so defeating. That's why we provide a comprehensive weight loss program designed to help you lose weight and offer insights to assist you to gain a deeper understanding of your body and identify potential factors hindering your weight loss journey.

“I love this place. I have completed 12 weeks of shots and lost 29 pounds. I am now doing Green Light Therapy. The staff is amazing and very qualified to answer all of my questions. The facility is very clean and very inviting. Love it!”


“I was on a mission to lose weight and that’s why I initially made my appointment at Gen 3. I received great information from the staff and am down 10 lbs in 1 month. I very much appreciate how awesome everyone at Gen 3 is! If you are ready to put in the work, they are there to help you along your journey!”

– M.T


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